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Liban Hassan is the Trustee-Elect for York South—Weston and has been officially endorsed by Mayor John Tory and Councillor Frances Nunziata.

Liban is a public policy professional, community organizer, former professional athlete, student mentor, coach, and more importantly a public education advocate who is ready to stand up for York South-Weston (Ward 6) on the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). 

As a former TDSB student who currently holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from York University, Liban understands the importance of our world-class public education system and the imminent changes needed for the success of our students today. Liban is willing to advocate for an increased budget to support additional programs, extracurriculars, and infrastructure development that is needed to enhance the next generation of Torontonians.

Liban's plan for Ward 6 includes:

  • Initiate inclusivity and community collaboration into all decisions being made for Ward 6 schools

  • Advocate for more programs that address mental health awareness and the well-being of our students

  • Advocate for an enhanced budget that can cover the costs of the necessary upgrades, maintenance, and repairs of our schools

  • Promote the enhancement of our educational programs to increase our student success rate and school rankings

  • Make our schools safe and free from all forms of discrimination including violence, harassment, and bullying

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